Taking It to “A Whole Different Level” at the NYRR NYC 60K

Taking It to “A Whole Different Level” at the NYRR NYC 60K

At 37.2 miles, the NYRR NYC 60K is the longest race on NYRR’s annual calendar. Perhaps it goes without saying that most participants are serious runners. After all, you don’t prepare for running nine loops of Central Park overnight. The surprising thing, though, is what a total blast everyone seems to have—runners, volunteers, NYRR staff, and fans.


“The spirit is like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” said first-time participant Danny Riviezzo. That’s saying something, given that he finished the TCS New York City Marathon November 5.

What sets this race apart? “This distance, it just takes it to a whole different level,” said Riviezzo, who was unconcerned about his time or finishing place today. “Whatever happens, it’s okay.”

Jodi Kartes-Heino took a similarly relaxed approach. “I happened to have the day off from work,” said the full-time registered nurse and mother of three, age 47. Like Riviezzo, Kartes-Heino also ran the TCS New York City Marathon. “It went fine,” she said of her five-borough effort—but today’s 60K gave her a special satisfaction. “You can just enjoy the journey," she said. "I’ll stay and catch up with friends. It’s my relaxing ‘me’ time.”


As runners passed the start/finish area at Engineers’ Gate in Central Park, fans cheered loudly and volunteers offered not only the usual water and Gatorade, but bagels, bananas, PowerBars, chips, pretzels, cola, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup, and baked potatoes as well.

Among the finishers was NYRR president and CEO Michael Capiraso, who also completed the TCS New York City Marathon!

The NYRR NYC 60K is New York Road Runners’ only ultramarathon—a race longer than the 26.2-mile distance—and it drew a strong field. The champions were Dmytro Molchanov in 4:12:19 (6:46 per mile) and Brittany Lewis in 4:54:32 (7:54 per mile).

New York City is home to a thriving ultra community. “There are lots of great names here,” said Otto Lam, who finished his eighth consecutive NYRR NYC 60K today. “It’s like the New York City Marathon of ultras—it gets a great field.”

Lam pointed out Phil McCarthy, a Manhattanite and the American record-holder for the 48-hour run. McCarthy won this race in 2009. This year, he paced friends for a few loops, then cheered on the finishers.


“It’s a tightknit community, but we’re also very friendly and welcoming to newcomers,” said Lam. “Everyone should try an ultra.”



The NYRR NYC 60K was part of a full weekend lineup of opportunities for runners of all ages and abilities that also included the Race to Deliver 4M, Rising New York Road Runners at Race to Deliver, NYRR Fred Lebow Cross Country Championships (5K), Rising New York Road Runners at Fred Lebow Cross Country Championships, NYRR Open Runs, and programming at the NYRR RUNCENTER featuring the NB Run Hub.

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