Ways to Get Active in Staten Island

Ways to Get Active in Staten Island

The southernmost borough in New York City is home to the final leg of the 2018 Five Borough Series, the NYRR Staten Island Half, but the island has opportunities for runners year-round.

Find out some of Staten Island’s best running spots; from gorgeous parks to sandy beach boardwalks and running programs for people of all ages and abilities!

Silver Lake Park


Magical is one of the many words that have been used to describe Silver Lake Park. Originally created as the borough’s answer to Central Park and Prospect Park, it has become one of Staten Island’s best-known features. At the center of 209 acres of recreational facilities, uninterrupted natural space, and miles of trails is the lake from which the park gets its name, which is filled with pristine water from the Catskill Mountains. The lake provides inspiration and beauty to anyone who brings their workouts to the park.

Silver Lake Park is also home to NYRR Open Run, a free community weekly run for people of all ages and abilities that is directed by volunteers. Join with your neighbors, friends, and family, and take advantage of the chance to meet new people and have an amazing workout in this stunning park.

Looking to get your kid outside and active this fall? You can register them for a day of free fitness games and cross country runs with Rising New York Road Runners at Silver Lake Park on October 13.

Clove Lakes Park

Home to Staten Island’s oldest living tree, a 300 year old tulip tree named “Colossus,” the park is the location of a glacially carved valley that has since filled with lakes and ponds that now make up the park’s most noticeable features. With trails that go through wooded hills and past the valley lakes, this park offers a spectacular autumn display of color for runners to enjoy.

Also in Clove Lakes Park: The Staten Island sessions of NYRR Group Training! Organized by NYRR’s coaching team, runners of all levels and abilities can benefit and reach their goals in a supportive atmosphere. The next session starts on October 30, so register to secure your spot at Clove Lakes!

Staten Island Boardwalk

Run alongside the Atlantic Ocean on the Staten Island Boardwalk, which measures 2.5 miles long. This boardwalk is wider than its other New York City counterparts, and has an unobscured view of the sky, meaning New Yorkers can really feel like they have escaped the city.

With cooler fall temperatures in the air, the boardwalk will be less crowded to make way for runners who are not deterred by a chilled ocean breeze.

The Greenbelt

In the heart of Staten Island lies 2,800 acres of land dedicated to recreational activities. The Greenbelt, Staten Island’s largest park, is made of wetlands, meadows, and mature forests that are the home to a host of wildlife. There are more than 35 miles of trails for runners to make their playground, and it gives people a look at the borough’s natural past.

Conference House Park


Take a trip through time in Conference House Park as you jog past historical buildings, some more than 300 years old. Located at the very southernmost point of New York City, runners can enjoy stunning views of Raritan Bay and the recently expanded running trails over the 265 acre park.

Conference House Park is also another NYRR Open Run location, so get out to run at the very tip of the city with your community!

Don’t miss out on the NYRR Staten Island Half and register today to secure your spot and support Staten Island!

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