Pro Runner Scott Fauble Wants Your Burrito Recommendations

Pro Runner Scott Fauble Wants Your Burrito Recommendations

I have been to New York City once.

It was to run the 2016 Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K and ride in the lead vehicle while the TCS New York City Marathon was racing through the five boroughs. The whole experience was, as the kids used to say, “super trill.”

Now, I’m heading back for the 2018 United Airlines NYC Half as a member of the professional athlete field. This time, I’m stepping up in distance, and hopefully in Mexican food consumption as well.

For those who know me well, you know I always enjoy jotting down my musings on running, life, burritos, and everything in between.

For those who don’t, here’s a quick synopsis to bring you up to speed—it's from a post I wrote for Citius Mag:

When I was going to the University of Portland, every Friday for approximately 3.5 years, my teammates and I would run hard workouts, and then between 4 and 20 of us would pile into cars and we’d all go to a Mexican food establishment called Boulevard Tacos. Quick aside: our trips to Boulevard were by no means limited to Fridays, although the Friday trips are of the greatest import for this particular thing that I am sharing. So, anyways, multiple times a semester, my mom would check my debit card statements and immediately texted me to ask if I was indeed eating at Boulevard 3+ times a week. I was spending so much money and going so Boulevard so frequently, that my mom thought that my debit card information had been stolen and I was getting scammed by this place. I wasn’t. She wasn’t psyched. Then, this other thing happened where I got pretty good at running and more people started caring about what I was tweeting. I obviously kept tweeting about Mexican food, and so people started sharing their Mexican food related social media content with me, which is my proudest accomplishment of all time.

Now, back to the upcoming race.

I’m hoping to compete with the top guys at the United Airlines NYC Half, but as far as procuring and consuming at least one burrito, my goal is far less difficult. All I want, all anyone could ever want, is a burrito, and I am welcoming recommendations from anyone.

All I need is a name and location.

I’m sure the burrito will be amazing, because at the end of the day, it’s a burrito. So, hit me up on Twitter (@scottfaubs), and keep in mind that I will go very long distances for Mexican food.

The new United Airlines NYC Half course runs from Prospect Park in Brooklyn to Central Park in Manhattan, and that is very exciting for a number of reasons. First, and foremost, is that it creates the possibility of seeing Jay-Z as he leaves the 40/40 club after dropping some serious coin on vodka he owns in a club he also owns. Jay-Z is amazing, you guys.

The other reason that I’m excited about the change in direction for this year’s course is because it ends in Central Park. Basketball players dream about Madison Square Garden, jockeys imagine winning at Churchill Downs, golfers fantasize about killing it at Augusta, and runners have Central Park to fantasize about cruising in. I can’t wait to charge toward the line on the history-soaked roads of Central Park where so many people have done amazing and inspiring things. Craig Mottram ripped people’s faces off, Shalane Flanagan brought the running world to tears, and many, many more people have done noteworthy things that I can’t think of right now because I just started crying again thinking about Shalane’s winning run last fall at the TCS New York City Marathon.

It’s going to feel so sweet to cross that Central Park finish line, and not because finishing means that I don’t have to suffer up any more hills. The United Airlines NYC Half is a prestigious event, and not one to be taken lightly, so I’ve been holed up in monk mode here in Flagstaff, AZ, training hard and consuming Mexican food.

My teammates, Matt Llano and Futsum Zienasellassie, have been doing the same only with fewer burritos, probably.

Not no burritos, because they aren’t masochists, but probably fewer.

Having them with me at every step, and sometimes with every bite, keeps me at my best because I have to pay attention to all the details, and do everything right, just to be able to hang with these dudes in practice.

I guess that last part pertains mostly to the training and not so much to the burritos (but a little bit to the burritos, too).

We’ve all been laying down some really good training over the past few weeks, and I know that we’ll all be our best selves come race day and burrito weekend in New York.

We’ll see you there—both on the course and in the Mexican food establishments.

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