Which NYRR Training Program Is Right for You?

Which NYRR Training Program Is Right for You?

With another season of running on the horizon, New York Road Runners offers a variety of training programs to get you fit, whether it's for a specific race or just to improve your health.

So which program is right for you?

We've designed this quiz to help you sort it all out. Answer these five questions, and at the end, you'll have a better idea of how NYRR can get you to run your best this season.

1. How Close Do You Live to New York City?

a) I live in the five boroughs
b) I live in the tri-state area
c) I live outside of the NYC area

2. Have You Ever Run a Race Before?

a) No, I haven't
b) Yes, I have, but not many
c) Yes, I have, to the point that my dresser is overflowing with old race T-shirts

3. Do You Prefer to Train with Others or On Your Own?

a) I like running with other people
b) I usually run by myself, but it helps to have someone to give me some guidance
c) Running is "me time"—I'm good on my own

4. How Flexible Is Your Schedule?

a) I can set aside time each week and pivot around that
b) I need some room for flexibility
c) It can vary from week to week

5. What Motivates You to Run?

a) Being with people who share similar goals
b) Usually I can get myself going, but sometimes I could use a boost
c) Setting a goal and making a plan to complete it

So now that you've got your answers all set, here's how to determine your results.

If you answered...

Mostly As: It sounds like NYRR Group Training is right up your alley! Join one of our sessions across the five boroughs and you can get fit and make friends at these weekly workouts with NYRR coaches.

Mostly Bs: You'd do well with NYRR 1:1 Coaching! Register for this program and you'll be given a personalized training plan from one of NYRR's coaches, plus you can arrange for individualized sessions in the NYC area with the coaches.

Mostly Cs: NYRR Virtual Training is the program for you! Sign up and you'll receive a training plan that dynamically adjusts from week-to-week based on your running background and your training progress. You can also enjoy direct access to the NYRR coaching staff when you register for the NYRR Virtual Trainer "Plus" tier.

A mix of As, Bs, and Cs: So maybe this quiz couldn't quite pinpoint the program for you—but that's okay! Read more about all of NYRR's training programs, tune in to our weekly coaches chats on Facebook Live (Wednesdays at noon ET), or come to an upcoming course strategy session at the NYRR RUNCENTER to meet some of our coaches in real life.

If you're still undecided after that, you can contact our coaching team with any questions you have, and they can help determine what program might be right for you.

Whichever program you choose, our coaches can't wait to help you get to your goal!

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