NYRR President and CEO Michael Capiraso Is Motivated to #ResolveToRun in 2018—How About You?

NYRR President and CEO Michael Capiraso Is Motivated to #ResolveToRun in 2018—How About You?

It’s no surprise that Michael Capiraso (@mcapiraso on Twitter and Instagram), the president and CEO of New York Road Runners, makes running resolutions at the start of the year. This year, though, his #ResolveToRun is special—thanks to some new experiences he had in 2017.

 Do you #ResolveToRun in 2018? If you haven’t yet set goals, it may help to ask yourself what brought you fulfillment in 2017—and the answers may surprise you, as Michael’s story shows.


Last November, I ran my 26th consecutive New York City Marathon. When I crossed the finish line, I felt overwhelmed—not just by the race itself, which was a personal best of 3:49:41—but also by the incredibly meaningful and memorable experiences of race week. Gratitude filled me—for the support of my family, friends, colleagues, and NYRR Team for Kids (for which I raised $25,000), all providing the love, friendship, encouragement, and belief that they had in me to make a PR happen. Being literally caught at the finish line by our Chairman of the Board, George Hirsch, Race Director and NYRR President of Events Peter Ciaccia, and my colleague Roberto Mandje, who ran with me every step of the way, and seeing my family and NYRR teammates, was as happy a moment as I’ve had at this great race.


I was still on a high when, less than two weeks later, I found myself lining up in Central Park at the NYRR NYC 60K. Though this race has been on the NYRR calendar for decades, I’d never run it, and before this year I’d thought there was no way I ever would. I mean—37.2 miles? Nine loops in Central Park? Two weeks after the marathon? Still, I was intrigued. I’ve supported others in this race, including my colleagues Ben Saah (who’d run it three years in a row) and Michael Rodgers. After the marathon, I quietly resolved to give it a try.

From the start, this event felt different from any other. When my hip and glute started to hurt in the early miles, and I slowed to a walk, the anxiety I normally would’ve felt was nowhere to be found. Gradually the muscles loosened up and I was able to run. Still, I kept my pace super-conservative, never looking at the clock (unheard of for me!) and chatting with friends and coworkers who cheered me on. I felt relaxed, surrounded by supportive fellow runners—including my 60K running buddy Alex Egan, who ran with me almost the whole way—and completely immersed in the experience.


I’d heard that success in an ultra is all about proper fueling and hydration, so I stopped after every loop and helped myself—not just to water and Gatorade, but also pretzels, baked potatoes, and more! Eating “real” food during a race was amazing, and I wouldn’t have finished the 60K without it. Stopping to eat and drink also allowed me to rest my legs and soak up support and encouragement from other runners, staff, and volunteers. This was a completely new experience for me, and I loved it.

I finished in over seven hours. The time didn’t matter to me—I didn’t even look at the finish clock. I stayed in the finish area with the other runners, staff, volunteers, and spectators. We’d all been out there for hours, working together, and I didn’t want it to end. I never thought I’d say this, but the 60K was one of the best events I’ve ever run. It so was fulfilling to bond with others and enjoy the support of colleagues and friends...

IMG_0455 (002).JPG

...And that’s what inspires me to #ResolveToRun in 2018—I’m going to continue to look for new challenges and experiences. I’m so excited about our new NYRR Virtual Racing—I did the NYRR Virtual Resolution Run 5K this month and am looking forward to more. I’ll sign up for our new TCS New York City Marathon Training Series in July-September, and plan to run with NYRR Open Runs throughout the five boroughs, and to attend NYRR Group Training sessions, NYRR Team for Kids workouts, and Rising New York Road Runners youth events, and of course visit schools and run with kids. I’m also resolved to continue to build my core, balance, and strength through things like yoga at the NYRR RUNCENTER featuring the NB Run Hub, along with performance training with our friends at Hospital for Special Surgery.

I’m still going to run the familiar races as well—I can’t wait for my 27th New York City Marathon on November 4!


I hope that we at New York Road Runners can help and inspire you to #ResolveToRun all year long. Check out everything we have on offer, from races to programs, classes, clinics, and more, and join us today!

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