25 Fun, Offbeat Ways to Get Your Miles in on Global Running Day

25 Fun, Offbeat Ways to Get Your Miles in on Global Running Day

Global Running Day is almost here, and you've made the pledge to run on June 6. Why not make your miles extra special by doing something different? We've got some ideas to help you make this Global Running Day a memorable one!

1) Explore New York City with NYRR Running Routes. These maps will take you on an Instagram-worthy exploration of the five boroughs. The routes not only provide you direction, but also point out all the landmarks along the way.


2) Not in NYC? You can still be a tourist in your hometown. Run to a local attraction you have never been to before, or explore a part of town that you have never had a reason to go to.

3) Make your commute by running the entire way or part way. Park a mile or more from your workplace, and run the rest. Or run home from work. It won’t matter if you arrive sweaty!

4) Map out a new route using the fitness app Strava

5) Join an NYRR Open Run! On June 6, special NYRR 60th anniversary editions of NYRR Open Run will be held at 7:00 p.m. across the five boroughs. Learn more. 

6) Organize a lunchtime run or walk at your workplace. Or join us at the NYRR RUNCENTER featuring the NB Run Hub for one of our group runs.

7) Sign up for the NYRR Virtual Global Running Day 1M.


8) Play a pick-up sport. The average soccer player racks up around 7 miles a game! 

9) Run without your gadgets! No phone, no stop watch, nothing! Just enjoy the environment around you and don't worry about anything else. 

10) Find the steepest hill in your neighborhood and run up it. Show no fear! 

11) Try a "fartlek": Run hard for 30 seconds, then jog or walk for 30 seconds; repeat the cycle a few times for a quick and easy workout.

12) Count every dog you see on your run! It’s a fun way to pass the time, and you can try to identify each breed you see. Can't tell a Puli from a Komondor? You'll always be right if you guess that they're good dogs.


13) Hit the trails! The area around NYC has some of the most beautiful trails in the region. Take advantage of them! (Read more: Three Local Spots to Check Out on National Trails Day)

14) If the weather isn't cooperating with your plans, binge watch your favorite TV show while running on the treadmill. This way, you'll feel less guilty when you realize that you're three seasons deep into a new series and you are only going to watch one more episode—you promise!


15) Do an out and back challenge. Run to a location, then try to get back home faster than you went out.

16) Switch it up and run your favorite route backwards. Not only will this change your perspective while you run, it is also good for your brain.

17) Run with your dog! Just keep it short, around 5-10 minutes, if your pet is not trained.

18) Want to add a new PR to the list? Run an odd distance like a 7K or 11K and claim that record.

19) Invite friends to a doughnut or cookie run. Craft a long-run route that stops at multiple establishments where your favorite sweet treat is sold. 

20) Run with a frisbee or similar prop. Hear us out on this one: While you're running, throw it, then chase it down, and repeat. It may look it a little strange but it will be a fun and exciting way to mix up your workout. 


21) Join a local running club

22) Break your run up into smaller pieces. For example, instead of doing one 3-mile run, do thee 1-mile runs throughout the day. 

23) You've heard the advice "nothing new on race day," so why not use the day to test out a new product? Try a different kind of energy gel, break in a new pair of shoes, or fuel up with a different pre-run meal, and learn what works for you before your next race.

24) You know those classic road-trip games like "20 Questions" and "I Spy"? Play them while you're running. This will require at least one running buddy, but it will make time fly and take your focus off your body. 

25) Listen to an audio book while you run. Everyone always says they want to read more, and listening to an audio book while you work out is a great way to make that happen. 

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