25 Fun, Offbeat Ways to Get Your Miles in on Global Running Day

25 Fun, Offbeat Ways to Get Your Miles in on Global Running Day

With one week to go until Global Running Day, we hope that you’ve made the pledge to put in some miles on June 7. And because this isn’t just any ol’ day in your running week, the workout you do doesn’t have to be the same four-miler you do five days a week. Mix things up: race a midweek 5K, start a streak, or run all your errands, literally. If you need some inspiration, we’ve got a few ideas to get your started.

1) Run the road less travelled. These maps reveal “secret routes” across many major cities. The light purple lines represent places off the beaten path where you can get in a quiet run and perhaps discover a new park, cross-country trail or running track.

2) Play tourist in your hometown. Run to a landmark or attraction you’ve never seen up close.

3) Commute by running—if not the whole way, part of the way. Park a mile or more from your workplace, and run the rest. Or run home from work. It won’t matter if you arrive sweaty!

4) Run with your kid to school instead of taking the school bus (if safe and practical, of course).

5) Always run solo? Try logging miles with a group. If you’re in New York City on Global Running Day, check out NYRR Open Run, free community-based 5K runs taking place in each borough starting at 7:00 p.m.

6) Organize a lunchtime run or walk at your workplace.

7) Meet on foot. Break out of the office and take a light jog or brisk walk while you exchange updates.

8) Run with your dog. Limit your trek to 5-10 minutes if Fido isn’t trained.

9) Get artistic. Map a route that’s a work of art. 

Run, Rabbit, Run. (feet, on a grass canvas)

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10) Create a challenge with a catchy name. South by Southwest goes by SXSW; run 5K in each of the five boroughs and you could make 5X5B a thing.

11) Play a pick-up sport. Spend 90 minutes on the soccer field and you’ll rack up around 7 miles.

12) Go gadget-free. Always run with music or meticulously track your data with an app or smartwatch? Leave your tech at home and take in all that’s around you.

13) Get a streak going: Starting on Global Running Day, commit to running each day for a week, month, or even a year!

14) Find the steepest hill in your neighborhood and climb it—then take a moment to enjoy the sights from on top.

15) Try a "fartlek": Run hard for 30 seconds, then jog or walk for 30 seconds; repeat the cycle a few times for a quick and easy workout.

16) Do some math, and run a mile in a creative way: It could be two laps around your local park, four laps around a track, or 22 laps around a softball diamond.

17) Have a "satellite run” with a friend in another town: Decide on a time and distance, call your friend when you get to your starting location, then run. When you’re done, call or text to compare notes.

18) Count dogs. It’s a fun way to pass the time, and you can try to identify each breed you see. Can't tell a Puli from a Komondor? You'll always be right if you guess that they're good dogs.

19) Hit the trails. June 3 is National Trails Day and we’ll be sharing the best routes in and around NYC—stay tuned!

trails 600x600.png

20) Run on the treadmill: We know, this one's not particularly exciting, but sometimes the weather doesn't play along. To beat boredom, try a "pyramid" workout—change the incline or speed every 1, 2, or 3 minutes, then work your way back down.

21) Try an out-and-back challenge: Run to a location, then try to get back home faster than you went out.

22) Break your routine: Run your favorite route in the opposite direction for a new perspective. Or switch up the time of day you typically run. That sunrise or sunset could be a game changer.

23) You've heard the advice "nothing new on race day," so why not use Global Running Day to test out a new product? Try a different kind of energy gel, break in a new pair of shoes, or fuel up with a different pre-run meal, and learn what works for you before your next race.

24) Craving a new PR? Pick an odd distance, like 7K or 11K, and it’s all yours!

25) Invite friends to a doughnut or cookie run. Craft a long-run route that stops at multiple establishments where your favorite sweet treat is sold. 

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